We help local businesses grow online using revolutionary digital marketing methods, sales-funnel web development, and advanced social media marketing strategies to increase sales predictably.

Don’t waste time and money on an outdated website, ineffective social media content, and branding that doesn’t attract your most ideal customers.

Everything from what and when you post on social media, to the minor details on your website– directly impact your ability to convert potential customers into recurring sales.

Don’t settle for less. Let us unify your branding across the web.

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Justin Fiorentino
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Save time and money.
Let us help you run your online business properly.

Branding & Visual Design

Whether it's your logo, print designs, social media posts, or even the way you carry out your business... we'll make sure everything is on-brand.

Web Design & SEO

We'll quickly build you a new, modern, mobile-friendly website that sells your products & services for you. Simple enough to update on your own, our websites come optimized with marketing tools and SEO, ensuring a high rank on Google.

Social Media Marketing

We'll help you manage your social media, helping you reach & engage with your most ideal customers with branded posts, trending content, direct messaging, and paid advertising.

Target Market Research

We'll help you organize your business, define your target market, research your competitors, and customize a strategy to meet your goals.

We'll help you get of the customers you want 🎯
and less of the customers you don't want.

Put your products & services in front of your most ideal customers online, and convert clicks into sales with custom branding, modern web designs, and social media marketing. 🤝

Optimize your website to convert visitors into paying customers.

Modern & Mobile-Friendly Websites

Traditional websites are outdated. Our Sales Funnel websites are optimized for converting visitors into sales, tracking every move your customers make with detailed analytics and conversion tracking. Our websites also feature pixel integrations and pre-made legal pages.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

With detailed analytics and keyword research, we'll optimize your website's page structures, and optimize every word and piece of content on your website, helping you rank above your compeitors and helping customers find your products & services.

Professional Copywriting

Optimized to convert website visitors into sales, we'll understand your brand, refine your offers, and write detailed copy that speaks directly to your target market, optimizing your sales.

Marketing Integrations

More than just being built to convert sales and carry out your business processes, your website will come with ready-to-use marketing integrations, including automated emails, newsletters, etc. This allows you to manage your online business from one place, and work seamlessly with third-party platforms and your social media.

Top Rank Google Local Listing

Outsource your social media to our team of local creatives & reap the rewards.

ROI-Based Growth 🚀

Let us grow your social media on a plan that works for you. We'll study your most ideal customers and reach them using your social media platforms to help you reach your revenue goals.

Text & Email Support 💬

In addition to our scheduled meetings, we're at your disposal. Contact us any time via text or email with ideas, questions, or updates, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Content Creation 🎥

In addition to daily posting and community engagement, we also include custom branded content creation with our team of local photographers, videographers, artists, and graphic designers-- on-site or in our studio.

Conversion Tracking 📊

See where your money is going, and what you're getting in return. We'll use pixels and cookies to track the entirety of your customer's journey from first impression to loyal customer.

content creation
giving day

Don't waste money boosting posts. Let us manage your ad spend efficiently.

Sales-Funnel Development

With a clearly defined offer and target market, we'll customize a campaign to directly reach your most ideal customers, and convert them into sales.

PPC Security

With backend management and negative keyword themes, we'll minimize spam and make your budget more effective.

Conversion Optimization

We'll manage and optimize your ads with keyword research, copywriting, custom content, split testing, landing pages, & more, constantly optimizing your conversion rates to increase revenue.

Tracking & Analytics

Track your cusomer's journey from search to sale with Pixel-tracking. See exactly where your money is going, down to the penny.

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In online sales generated within recent 12-months

“[JFCD] did a top notch job on my online build out, phenomenal to work with, and  they are current with online//social media business trends and marketing. Would recommend to any business owner looking to either create, or improve their current marketing/online sales.”

Omnia Funding

JOHN PETER MOCEO, Owner & President

“JFCD did a great job boosting my presence on google search. They are professional and knowledgeable and most definitely easy to work with
Thank you JFCD!”

Thomas Pediatrics

DR. USHA THOMAS, M.D., Pediatrician

“I highly recommend JFCD for your media needs. Justin from JFCD has been a pleasure to work with. His work is outstanding and great service. JFCD exceeded my expectations. Thank you Justin.”

The Sandwich Shop - Staten Island


“What impressed me the most with Justin is how organized he is and how he is able to pinpoint what his clients need while accommodating for their budget.

His eye for branding and design is extremely polished, you can tell he has an artist’s touch to his work. He is versatile in his style, whether that be modern, rustic, upscale, etc.

I would recommend Justin to both startups or businesses looking to update their branding and messaging. He is a helpful voice to have no matter what stage you’re in during your marketing timeline.”

Shaolin Visuals

DILLON CLANCY, Owner & Videographer

“I highly recommend Justin as a web designer because he was able to create the exact version I wanted for my company. He is organized and very efficient with his work. His pricing is affordable as well.”

The Makeup On Wheels Foundation

STEPHANIE DEBES, Founder & Esthetician

Justin Fiorentino

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Hey! My name is Justin, I’m the owner of JFCD Digital Marketing. Although born in Brooklyn, I’ve lived in Staten Island my whole life. Having grown up with the internet and social media, in addition to working for a variety of jobs throughout the years, PLUS a background in art & photography; I’ve come to learn how impactful branding, social media, and e-commerce can be for any type of business, especially local businesses.

Online business, or eCommerce, is the new “.com boom”, now more than ever with the pandemic keeping people home. I’ve applied my branding and eCommerce strategies for a variety of local businesses, small and large. Each and every one of these businesses (restaurants, auto shops, doctors, finance companies, logistics companies, schools, & more) I’ve worked with are continuously reaping the exponential benefits of properly putting their businesses online and promoting their products & services with our unique social media campaigns.

Right now is the PERFECT time to invest in your online business.

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